Saturday, December 5, 2009


My BB cream and face masks from Missha came in the mail today, but they are Christmas presents for myself so I have to wait. Yesterday, I also got NYX concealer in a jar in "light". This jar is so tiny. I think the colour is wrong for me too, as usual. It brightens, but doesn't really get rid of circles. I also got three free concealers from a friend, the only one that I really like out of the three she gave me was the Maybelline mousse concealer. I also went to Walgreens and did the buy one get one free on Loreal HIP metallic eyeshadow duos. Got the Sculted and Gilded... or whatever the second one is. I keep forgetting the name. Got Sinful Colors nail polish in "Easy Going" as well. I'm very nail polish picky, but I think I'm gonna start liking the brand.

Oh, by the way. A tip for some people. If you're gonna offer to hang out, make sure you hang out with the person you offered to. For crying out loud, I'm sure you've gotten some gas sometime within the past month, ben dan.

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