Sunday, September 27, 2009


I was supposed to hang out with Alfie today, but he canceled on me, so instead, I went to Verizon & got myself a new one. I pretty much just spent all my savings (since I also had to buy a new iPod again), ugh, but I do like this phone. I got the Samsung Rogue (however you spell it) and I got it at a discount, even better.

The Jetta broke down yesterday on the way to Starbucks. It started overheating. We had to park somewhere and call a tow trunk. It took what seemed like forever for it to come. Then the tow truck guy drove us home. He creeped me out a little, heh.

The camera quality is better than that, I promise, hah. Blogger just smushed it.

Friday, September 25, 2009


Yesterday, I had my iPod.
Later that night & today, I do not have my iPod.

I should say that I lost it, but I really do not believe that "lost" was the correct term. I had it in my bag that I brought with me when I went out yesterday. I was in three places once I left the house: Dustin's car, Taco Bell, and Barnes&Noble. My bag was in two places: Dustin's car & Taco Bell. I left it in the car as I was in B&N since I didn't want to carry it around for the ninety or so minutes we were in the bookstore. I checked with Dustin and it is not in his car, so he's said to me.

I refuse to believe I simply lost the iPod.
I had checked all over the common places in this house.
Where the hell could my iPod be hiding?

Now I have to take out half of my fucking savings or more just to buy a new one.
Fuck this stupid shit.

Thursday, September 24, 2009


A few people & I went to Barnes & Noble and Taco Bell for a friend's birthday. When we were done walking around inside B&N, we decided to go outside since we planned on leaving or something. We were talking for about ten or fifteen minutes, I dunno. All of a sudden, this hobo looking guy comes up to us and starts yelling at us. He's like, "How is everyone doing?!" and bitching about how we're apparently blocking the aisle or something. FYI, there was nobody around. They were all parked on the other side, so they were walking on the other side of us. He moves past us and screams "Geez!" really loud.

When he left, all we could do was look at each other like o___o and start laughing really loud. I thought he was drunk or something. He walked through two parking lots and went up to the curb near a stop sign. We went back to what we were doing. Bobby and I kept checking to see if he was coming back. We were hoping he wouldn't. Ten minutes or so later, he walks down the parking lot again. We freaked out and left, hah.

I hope to never run into that creeper again.
He was so rude, damn.

Monday, September 21, 2009


Mm, my package from Taiwan finally arrived. (: Janet shipped on last Monday. So exactly one week!

I am in love with this bag. 6$!

Rose Green Tea. 50c. I'll try one tonight.

Surprise goodie bag. (: 3$ worth. Stuff inside:

I'd definitely buy the surprise grab bags again from Janet's Store. (: I might even buy the more expensive ones. ^^ I need to save money right now though. D: