Friday, September 25, 2009


Yesterday, I had my iPod.
Later that night & today, I do not have my iPod.

I should say that I lost it, but I really do not believe that "lost" was the correct term. I had it in my bag that I brought with me when I went out yesterday. I was in three places once I left the house: Dustin's car, Taco Bell, and Barnes&Noble. My bag was in two places: Dustin's car & Taco Bell. I left it in the car as I was in B&N since I didn't want to carry it around for the ninety or so minutes we were in the bookstore. I checked with Dustin and it is not in his car, so he's said to me.

I refuse to believe I simply lost the iPod.
I had checked all over the common places in this house.
Where the hell could my iPod be hiding?

Now I have to take out half of my fucking savings or more just to buy a new one.
Fuck this stupid shit.


  1. that just stinks ]:
    who knows maybe it's in your bag somewhere. Just poor everything out and it might be there!

    Starbucks? What kind?

  2. My bag is completely empty. I've checked about five times.

    A large iced coffee with milk with whipped cream. ^^

  3. I remember the loss of my iPod nano....It was like I lost a bit of my soul. Overdramatic? I have to be.

  4. Oh, I felt the same way. For the past two nights, I was going insane because I couldn't listen to my music before I fell asleep.