Monday, November 30, 2009


blah, i don't think i wanna do youtube anymore.

Bought three of these at Walgreens in black, bliss, and mint. They're pretty. :)

Saturday, November 28, 2009


So last night was pretty damn awesome. My dad, Sarah, and I all went to the cinema to watch Ninja Assassin! It was nice seeing Rain and Joon act in a film, though 50% of the time I could not take them seriously. It's very bloody, but pretty damn spiffy. I'm so pissed they killed off Tokyo Drift guy so soon, hah. I love him.

I did some shopping and I'll post pictures once I see it. I got stuff from ELF, Sasa, and Missha US (or however it's spelled). Actually, I'll TRY to take picture of SaSa and Missha stuff before my mom tries to steal it to wrap it. c[: Those are counted as Christmas gifts. I also bought NYX concealer in a jar from somebody on eBay. I've spent a lot on concealers lately and none have worked for me, grr.

I'm a slob when it comes to eating Taco Bell, really. But it's kinda not my fault that the meat and stuff slips off the shell, okay?

Oh, after the movie, we went to the mall. We saw Tony (my dad's friend's son) and his friend at the mall. Ok, his friend... uh, very good looking, all right? If you look up Tony's character from the UK show Skins, that's basically his twin. Omfg. o_o So good looking, haha. We saw them at Taco Bell soon. Well, first the friend. Then I kept turning around to see when Tony showed up. It was really funny when I was screaming "Tony!" and he was looking around like "What the fuck..." and then saw us, hahaha.

Monday, November 23, 2009


dude! our walgreens finally opened up. i went in there and i was like omgomgomg <3. i got some chocolate that i can never find, a little figurine, some new flavour of arizona tea, and a jordana lip gloss in vanilla bean. the lip gloss smells soooo good, really.

i have to go to the gyno tomorrow, bleh. a check up since last year when i got on birth control. i might have to get a pap smear but i'm not sure, hah. i don't really want to go through with it, but i might as well get it over with. the gyno i have isn't so formal, so it shouldn't be too weird. she's just very... loud. but she's spunky. so it's cool. my mom's staying in the waiting room, ahaha.

but fucking hell, my mother pissed me off so badly today:

We went to the mall to get dinner for tonight. My parents wanted Japanese food and I wanted Subway. We go get the Japanese food first. I ordered for two. Mum gets the receipt and all of a sudden, she starts screaming so loud that everyone can hear her, "This is for two people! Two people! Needs to be three people!" until I told her that I did not want Japanese (and I did mention this beforehand). Then she "apologizes" and we wait for the food. My dad got his with double meat and right when the guy goes to put the extra meat, she screams again, "This is supposed to be double meat!" Omfg. When I asked the lady for a take-out bag, she could hardly look at me.

I'm soooo sick of her, ugh.
She blamed it on family problems that have happened this past month.
I say bullsht 'cause she's been exactly like this for 18 years (maybe more, but hey, I haven't been alive that long).

So fcking embarrassing.
I do not want to put up with her anymore.

This happens all the time, ugh.

i copied and pasted that straight from a forum i posted it on before this. i didn't want to type it over again.

alfie and i texted quite a bit throughout the day. he texted me again around 8 or so asking what i was doing. later on, i told him i was making a christmas list and he goes, "i'm on it, right?" and i said, "no, you're too expensive (this is about when he was in california during the summer and he was pretending to be a manwhore and i had to pay 105 a night if i wanted him). my list contains cheap things." and he goes, "no, your gift is one night with me." i was like, "uhh, what?" 'cause last time we were gonna hang out, he canceled on me the next morning. but i thought it was really cute, haha. so, apparently, we'll hang out on christmas. 85% of me doesn't believe him, but i'll go along with the planning anyway just in case.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Oh, man, I'm so full right now. And pissed off. I have a savings account with BB&T and they took four dollars from me again for not having a certain amount in. Well, taking more money out without my permission isn't going to help, is it? Fuckers. Before the month is over, I'm canceling my savings account and just keeping the checking.

And I made a new video today, as you can see.

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Monday, November 16, 2009



I passed the permit retake test! Hell yes!

New video coming soon. :)

Friday, November 13, 2009


I have two new videos:

haul video.

my skin care routine video.

watch, comment (on the video lol), subscribe. promote my ass.
all that good stuff, hahaha. they make me happy, yeah.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Yep, yep. Went to the Renaissance Festival on Sunday. A lot of walking & my feet were so sore afterwards, but it was well worth it.

This is from when we first arrived at around 11 or so. I really wanted to go to the damn bathroom first, but the employees we ran into were all, "Come see this! Come see this!" ==;

The bird was pretty cool. It flew right over my head!

Turkey leg! It was 6$ and was enough for the both of us. I actually didn't eat very much of it, haha. Dad ate the majority of it. We got coffee too. He got the cafe mocha and I got a hazelnut iced coffee. Not as good as Starbucks or even Dunkin' Donuts, but hey, I wanted some coffee. We actually got Starbucks after we left, haha.

The pirate show! These two were absolutely hilarious. I wish my dad would've bought their DVD or something. The guy pretended to be gay and he even flirted with this guy in the audience a bunch of times. When it was over, he went to the guy and kissed him on the top of his head, lolol.

The jousting show. We were on this guy's side, so we had to cheer for him. But that's okay 'cause he was actually the only one of the three guys I liked, hahaah. He was so funny.

Saw this right before we left and I had to get a picture of it. So cool.

Got a haircut yesterday. It was definitely a lot shorter than I wanted it to be. And the style is a bit meh since all she did was blow dry it, hah. I usually just like to airdry mine when I'm at home and put some curling lotion in.

It looks like this straightened:

Now moving on to the stuff I got from the festival:

I love this umbrella thing. It was 15$. I almost got a different one, but then I saw this inside the roof corner in her kiosk thing and wanted it so much more.

North Carolina handmade lotion (I think this kind actually gave me some weird reaction... my wrists were burning last night), a bracelet for 5$ and fairy dust necklace for 5$.

Oh yeah, took my permit test yesterday and failed it.
If only I wasn't so stupid and picked the answer I knew wasn't it
for the last question. I would've passed the stupid test. ==;

Friday, November 6, 2009


Yo Seob, why must you be so damn adorable? Seriously. He's only a year and a few months older than I am. Quit BEAST and come to North Carolina, specifically my town. xD You might make it interesting, hahaha.

Hm, nothing interesting as usual... I think I made another Korean pen pal. One of the Korean girls I sent a letter to still hasn't written back... it's been a while. I put pictures in an envelope for her too. I don't want to send pictures to somebody and not get a letter back. ==; That's just stupid, ugh.

Got another liquid liner today. It's Wet n' Wild and it's a turquoise colour. I tried it on and it's actually not too bad.

Okay, here's me today.

You can't see my face, haha. I made it for Soompi's WHAT DID YOU WEAR TODAY thread.

I wish it was Sunday so I could make a more interesting blog post...

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Ok, so I've decided that I'm probably not going to do the online shop. The reason is because my mom would probably have to go to the post office quite often and it would annoy her. ==; Unless I shipped everything once a week, but I don't know if customers would be annoyed by something like that. I might have to think about it some more. But I also think I'm going to give a few of my old necklaces away to some pen pals and a friend of mine in Canada. (:

Hm, I'm watching Orphan right now. This is one crazy ass movie.

Oh! Good news! My dad and I got tickets to the Renaissance Festival on Sunday! I've been wanting to go for months. I wanted to go for my birthday in July, but they don't open here in the summer. Only during October and November. Also, on Sunday, we're going to my dad's friend's church for an All You Can Eat pancake breakfast. It'll be once in a few years since I've been to a church, hah.

Mm, I'm excited for the festival.
I wish it was freakin' Sunday already.

Monday, November 2, 2009


Okay, this is an important post. Probably the most (or only) important blog entry I've done in my entire blogging life, haha.

I'm in need of some money because of things getting stolen and having to take out a chunk of my savings just to be able to get it replaced. I've been thinking about selling things, but when it comes to websites like eBay and such, I have to pay in order to sell it. And if nobody buys it, I just wasted even more money.

I have jewelry and things I can sell. I have quite a lot that I don't need anymore. Even some skin care and probably some make-up... I think. Maybe not. But definitely jewelry.

If I made a special post on this blog with pictures of items and prices (believe me, they would actually be cheap & cheap shipping, I can be generous), do you think anyone would buy? Would you possibly buy? I would most likely be taking cash rather than pay pal. No, maybe I would take pay pal. I've paid by pay pal, but never received since I don't know exactly how that works, haha.

So, what do you think? Opinions? Yes? No? I'm really kinda desperate at this point of time, hah. Plus, I could get rid of a lot of things that I don't use anymore.

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Today has been a good day! I felt extremely pretty today.

I actually tried out liquid eyeliner today! I got ELF liquid eyeliner at Target in black & Wet n' Wild liquid eyeliner in brown. Black eyeliner looks okay on me. I dunno, I like browns better. The Wet n' Wild brown is so sheer though. It takes a few strokes to get some good colour. I'm going to have to keep practicing.

I also got Beyond Belief eye treatment at Sally's today. I had a 5$ off coupon, so I got this cream for only 53c! Amazing, amazing deal, muhaha.

Also, Sarku eggrolls are amazing. My dad forgot about them and he went to sit at a table in the mall while I went to the bathroom. When I came out, I asked if he had my eggrolls and he goes, "Oh, shit!" Then I saw the lady waving at me, hahaha.

Cute guy at Barnes & Noble Starbucks still remembers my name for now, haha. I go in there all the time for coffee and they get my name when they decide to write names on the cups so people won't get so confused when they get their order. I just had to blurt out, "I feel special!" to my dad about it, lmao. It was my goal to have baristas remember my name, haha. They can't remember my orders since I switch it up often.

I just bought this from Forever 21 online! They're offering free shipping and I had to get my hands on something. I am in love with this necklace, oh my god. I got it in the exact colour. This colour just looks more vibrant to me than the other ones. It was only 5.18$ all together!

Oh, hello to my new followers that have been following. I'll be following you as well. :) If you haven't heard about my YouTube channel (last two weeks hyperlinked), go check it out. Please subscribe and maybe watch and comment my videos? Tell people about my channel? Thank you so much. <3