Monday, November 2, 2009


Okay, this is an important post. Probably the most (or only) important blog entry I've done in my entire blogging life, haha.

I'm in need of some money because of things getting stolen and having to take out a chunk of my savings just to be able to get it replaced. I've been thinking about selling things, but when it comes to websites like eBay and such, I have to pay in order to sell it. And if nobody buys it, I just wasted even more money.

I have jewelry and things I can sell. I have quite a lot that I don't need anymore. Even some skin care and probably some make-up... I think. Maybe not. But definitely jewelry.

If I made a special post on this blog with pictures of items and prices (believe me, they would actually be cheap & cheap shipping, I can be generous), do you think anyone would buy? Would you possibly buy? I would most likely be taking cash rather than pay pal. No, maybe I would take pay pal. I've paid by pay pal, but never received since I don't know exactly how that works, haha.

So, what do you think? Opinions? Yes? No? I'm really kinda desperate at this point of time, hah. Plus, I could get rid of a lot of things that I don't use anymore.


  1. oo you should start your own online shoppe! i'd definitely be interested in buying some cute jewelry.
    you can advertise on soompi by having a link in your siggy too.

    perhaps you can make a separate blog? it's quite easy to link it to your account too. i say this because i think it can get really confusing and cluttered. plus, this is a place to post up your ideas and thoughts, not a place to shop, you know?

    i think you should accept paypal. concealed cash is a bit risky. receiving and accepting money through paypal is instant, and as long as it's personal (not business related), it should be fee-free. i personally would want to pay though paypal instead of cash >_<

    also, have a feedback section so that potential shoppers will feel more secure with buying from you.

  2. i gave you a blog award ! :D
    (sorry so unrelated hahah)

    i think an online shop would be a good idea ^^
    unfortunately i don't buy thing online ):