Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Yep, yep. Went to the Renaissance Festival on Sunday. A lot of walking & my feet were so sore afterwards, but it was well worth it.

This is from when we first arrived at around 11 or so. I really wanted to go to the damn bathroom first, but the employees we ran into were all, "Come see this! Come see this!" ==;

The bird was pretty cool. It flew right over my head!

Turkey leg! It was 6$ and was enough for the both of us. I actually didn't eat very much of it, haha. Dad ate the majority of it. We got coffee too. He got the cafe mocha and I got a hazelnut iced coffee. Not as good as Starbucks or even Dunkin' Donuts, but hey, I wanted some coffee. We actually got Starbucks after we left, haha.

The pirate show! These two were absolutely hilarious. I wish my dad would've bought their DVD or something. The guy pretended to be gay and he even flirted with this guy in the audience a bunch of times. When it was over, he went to the guy and kissed him on the top of his head, lolol.

The jousting show. We were on this guy's side, so we had to cheer for him. But that's okay 'cause he was actually the only one of the three guys I liked, hahaah. He was so funny.

Saw this right before we left and I had to get a picture of it. So cool.

Got a haircut yesterday. It was definitely a lot shorter than I wanted it to be. And the style is a bit meh since all she did was blow dry it, hah. I usually just like to airdry mine when I'm at home and put some curling lotion in.

It looks like this straightened:

Now moving on to the stuff I got from the festival:

I love this umbrella thing. It was 15$. I almost got a different one, but then I saw this inside the roof corner in her kiosk thing and wanted it so much more.

North Carolina handmade lotion (I think this kind actually gave me some weird reaction... my wrists were burning last night), a bracelet for 5$ and fairy dust necklace for 5$.

Oh yeah, took my permit test yesterday and failed it.
If only I wasn't so stupid and picked the answer I knew wasn't it
for the last question. I would've passed the stupid test. ==;


  1. that's a cute hair cut!
    my last hair cut was that short,
    but i'm trying to grow out my hair now lol.

    sorry about your permit test..
    those questions are pretty tricky though.

  2. love your new hair!

    man it seemed like you had so much fun.
    and the umbrella is really pretty.

  3. i love the random stuff that some people post up..
    like there was one guy who posted up ways for guys to pee while having a boner.