Friday, November 6, 2009


Yo Seob, why must you be so damn adorable? Seriously. He's only a year and a few months older than I am. Quit BEAST and come to North Carolina, specifically my town. xD You might make it interesting, hahaha.

Hm, nothing interesting as usual... I think I made another Korean pen pal. One of the Korean girls I sent a letter to still hasn't written back... it's been a while. I put pictures in an envelope for her too. I don't want to send pictures to somebody and not get a letter back. ==; That's just stupid, ugh.

Got another liquid liner today. It's Wet n' Wild and it's a turquoise colour. I tried it on and it's actually not too bad.

Okay, here's me today.

You can't see my face, haha. I made it for Soompi's WHAT DID YOU WEAR TODAY thread.

I wish it was Sunday so I could make a more interesting blog post...


  1. Oh he sure is cute xD hehe love your top btw xD

  2. XD that always annoys me,
    if one breaks, i have to cut them all to be the same D:

    ahh, B2ST (:

    you have a korean pen pal? ;o
    do you write in korean to her? o-o
    lol, i've always wanted a pen pal...

  3. around 2-3 weeks,
    but it differs for everybody.
    some people get their packages quicker
    and some get theirs later.