Sunday, November 1, 2009


Today has been a good day! I felt extremely pretty today.

I actually tried out liquid eyeliner today! I got ELF liquid eyeliner at Target in black & Wet n' Wild liquid eyeliner in brown. Black eyeliner looks okay on me. I dunno, I like browns better. The Wet n' Wild brown is so sheer though. It takes a few strokes to get some good colour. I'm going to have to keep practicing.

I also got Beyond Belief eye treatment at Sally's today. I had a 5$ off coupon, so I got this cream for only 53c! Amazing, amazing deal, muhaha.

Also, Sarku eggrolls are amazing. My dad forgot about them and he went to sit at a table in the mall while I went to the bathroom. When I came out, I asked if he had my eggrolls and he goes, "Oh, shit!" Then I saw the lady waving at me, hahaha.

Cute guy at Barnes & Noble Starbucks still remembers my name for now, haha. I go in there all the time for coffee and they get my name when they decide to write names on the cups so people won't get so confused when they get their order. I just had to blurt out, "I feel special!" to my dad about it, lmao. It was my goal to have baristas remember my name, haha. They can't remember my orders since I switch it up often.

I just bought this from Forever 21 online! They're offering free shipping and I had to get my hands on something. I am in love with this necklace, oh my god. I got it in the exact colour. This colour just looks more vibrant to me than the other ones. It was only 5.18$ all together!

Oh, hello to my new followers that have been following. I'll be following you as well. :) If you haven't heard about my YouTube channel (last two weeks hyperlinked), go check it out. Please subscribe and maybe watch and comment my videos? Tell people about my channel? Thank you so much. <3


  1. Ah, you can get ELF at Target? *zooms* I'd love to try more of their products (picked up a french manicure set + some body lotion of theirs at ROSS) but sadly my parents aren't very open to the idea of online shopping.

    I have that exact same Wet n Wild eyeliner XD (The regular kind, not the waterproof, right?) I love mine, though, it's not watery at all for me (not like my L'oreal Telescopic was...bleargh). Maybe you just got a bad bottle?

  2. Ok, you have a Tumblr, so I don't know how to reply to you... I'll just do it here. xD Yeah, Target just came out with some ELF stuff. There's not much, but there's some. Quite a few kits. You should go check it out.

    It's not watery, it's just... colour didn't come out that well. It might've been because of my eyeshadow. I'd have to try it again one day while I'm not wearing any eyeshadow. Just a bare lid.

  3. thank youu :D your hair looks lovely here