Saturday, October 31, 2009


Hey, so I also posted an entry shortly before this, so make sure to look at my other entry before this post. ^^

Little Miss Queenie is hosting a giveaway! Hm, very cute items from this package. I love them. ^^ What's even better is that she is hosting it internationally, so basically, anybody can enter it! Go to her blog and read more about it. Items are worth it, indeed.


  1. mmm what kind of skin do you have?
    i want to recommend products that are made for your skin type than just some random stuff,
    not that random stuff aren't good lol.
    from the looks of your vids,
    you don't get too many zits huh?
    but if you do,
    try the nexcare acne dressings.
    they're awesome.
    my bf got a nasty zit the other day,
    and i stuck a patch on it and he slept with it on overnight.
    the next day,
    he popped that sucker and it got better.
    there are a lot of reviews on it on and on other blogs if you need more convincing lol.
    the espie lipstick/chapsticks are great too.
    they go on so smoothly and makes my lips all smooth.
    the scent isn't the best..
    it's supposed to smell like honey or milk,
    but it's not to best but it doesn't smell like crap.
    moving on..
    the kose softymo nose strips are good for getting rid of black/white heads.
    but don't get them if you don't have a problem with the nasty heads..

    when i was shopping,
    i just looked up the stuff i wanted to get and made sure that it got a lot of good ratings.
    hope this helps a little bit lol

  2. ic ic.
    look for cream cleansers instead of gel-type ones if you do end up looking for cleansers. the creamy ones are less drying than gel-types. the cleansers from kanebo and kose are good.
    and maybe you'll like some oil blotting sheets?
    i think they're all the same,
    so pick whichever appeals to you.
    you can use those when you're out and need to get rid of some oil.
    and lastly,
    don't feel like you need to buy the expensive items to get good products
    (i'm sure the expensive ones are nice too).
    the cheap stuff on sasa are great too.
    but make sure to read the reviews if there are any.

  3. The brand is called 'Ms.Makeup' sells mainly make-up accessories and brushes. Btw I left you an award on my blog so check it out! <3

  4. you sent me the same links..
    but the cleanser looks promising!
    it removes make up too.