Sunday, October 11, 2009


I went to the Oktoberfest yesterday. Luckily, it didn't rain. The weather channels are stupid. They were wrong and made me worried for nothing.

The downtown coffee shop was still open and I really wanted coffee, so we decided to give it a try. I got a hazelnut cappucino with whipped cream.

I also bought some things. I looked at most of the booths that were selling stuff and only really liked the stuff from one booth. Well, I liked stuff from another one, but it was way too expensive. I got two necklaces, a ring, and two bracelets. I actually got one of the bracelets free 'cause the guy forgot to put a clasp at the end of one necklace and I didn't notice until I was at the other side of the festival. He felt badly that I had to walk all the way back, so he left me have one bracelet free. I couldn't decide between blue and red, so I got both. Hey, buy one and get one free. ;]

The red one.

And then we went to West Virginia today. Our cars suck ass right now so before we take the Grand Prix for inspection tomorrow morning, we had to take it for a very long drive. This is me on the way back for twenty minutes of the entire journey back (the journey back was a total of two or something hours):

Oh, I also got an airbrushed tattoo at the Oktoberfest:


  1. O:
    I love that snake ring!!!!

  2. from soompi~

    wait so you have an oktoberfest in america or is this germany??? Germany is my favourite European country in the whole world. I love german cars, german culture, german everything. I don't know why :S I just do hehe. Anyway where are the food pictures man! Well keep it up I like this blog :)


  3. what's oktoberfest?
    lol you look cute in the picture of you sleeping.