Friday, October 23, 2009


Today was a good shopping day. I made a haul video, but I'm also going to post pictures. :)

That's the stuff I got from Rite-Aid. Eyeshadow and lip gloss are Jesses Girl & the eyeliner is Prestige.

When I was talking about the hairspray, I mentioned Anna in my video. :) The only thing I'll try tonight are the wipes. Actually, I might go try the lip gloss right now... *runs* Ok, tried the lip gloss. It's very similar to the Maybelline Colour Senstational Lipstick in Cinnamon Stick. And if you're not careful, that shit will go on your teeth... like the lipstick has, rofl. The smell is kinda gross too, but the colour goes on nicely. The eyeliner is nice too.

Went to Barnes & Noble and got a double chocolate chip frap, yum. I haven't gotten them in a while. They used to not crush the chips and that got on my nerves, but they did this time!


  1. I've never had a Double Chocolate Chip frap :O They sound delicious :)

  2. that frap looks soooo good...
    ooo, let me know how the hairspray works out for you !