Saturday, October 31, 2009


So today is Halloween... blah. I'm not that big on Halloween. I haven't had Halloween plans in years. But I get Taco Bell today and there's a NCIS marathon on TV, so I'm okay.

I got a few things yesterday...

Mum gave me money she had left over and I got Colossal in waterproof (wanted to try the waterproof out) and Essential Tools Foundation&Concealer brush. The foundation side is sooo soft. I kept running it across my face and nose for hours. I got a vanilla latte too. :)

Oh, I made another tutorial.

Tomorrow, I'm going to be going to Target and Sallys, hopefully. I have a coupon for Sallys. ^^ I also wanted to go to Goodwill and this new bargain store called Ollie's. I just want to go see what they have. I heard Target has ELF stuff now, so that's why I want to go.

Hopefully, I'll get to go to the Renaissance Festival next Sunday or the Sunday after before they close, aaah... This would be my birthday present even though my birthday was in July, hah, but they don't open in July, so...

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  1. Oh great haul! I have a similar double ended brush but from a different brand hehe