Sunday, April 18, 2010

i have a new blog.

since this one has practically died.


Tuesday, February 9, 2010


i finished you're beautiful last week. it only took me a few days to watch. the ending was cute. it wasn't the best, but i've yet to find a drama ending i actually really like. you're beautiful was the first korean drama i've liked. i guess i should start watching more korean dramas since i'm learning korean and all and it would help my vocabulary and stuff, but ugh, i just can't stand watching them. maybe i should attempt finishing iris, haha. the big boom in episode 5 or something turned me off from it.

Thursday, February 4, 2010


more fights.
more fights.
more fights.
and i still can't get out of the house. \o/
hey, i love my life. /sarcasm. >>;;

but anyway. this part of north carolina got a lot of snow over the weekend. apparently, it's supposed to refreeze tonight and snow some more tomorrow. this is not what we need, oh my gosh. i don't like this, aha.

i've started watching that korean drama, you're beautiful, since i basically promised a friend that i would. it's shorter than most korean dramas, so yeah, aha. and... i actually quite like the drama. i've started it last night and i'm on episode nine now. well, the last part of episode 8 had an error, so now i'm waiting hours and hours to download one damn episode, ugh.

hm, i'm doing crappy with blogging on blogger again. but i dunno. i just can't think of anything interesting enough to write on here. :| livejournal is way easier since it's friend's only and majority of my friends are kpop fans, so it's easy to know what to talk about, haha.

oh, i got my DS last week. \o/

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


My dad and I have had enough of her, seriously. She likes to make a scene everywhere she pleases. I'm at the library for the first time and she's being loud, so I tried to get her to be a little more quiet. She gets all butthurt and starts getting louder. Saying that we're leaving and is basically screaming it. She leaves and I'm staying because I'm not finished looking through the book shelves. Comes back in five minutes later screaming I SAID WE WERE LEAVING YAR YAR YAR and everyone's turning around. Then I'm at checkout and she's all, "I'm not coming here anymore. I'm not coming here anymore."

And now we're home and she still will not stop running her mouth.

I don't know why my dad has not divorced her. "It's all because of you."

Frak, when I leave her, I want nothing to do with her ever again.

Sunday, January 24, 2010


i went to gamestop today to sell some things. i have 6 PS2 games, PS2 controller, and a PS2 console. for all of that, i only got 24$ and that was actually store credit. i was a bit disappointed, but oh well. it'll go toward a pokemon game. probably platinum. mayla is selling me her ds lite for 80$. but i don't have to pay it all at once. i give her 15 tomorrow, then 25 in a week or so when i get it. then i give her the rest at the graduation or something, i dunno. i may give her a little more as i get more money until i reach 80 dollars or so unless she gets sick of it, haha. she's also giving me pokemon diamond for five dollars. XD so i need to come up with another ten more dollars if i want to get platinum because 24 won't cover a 35 dollar game...

aha, i thought someone was going to get shot today. at cici's pizza, there was this car going down the hill and some guy standing out of a moving car (dumbass) and he was yelling at someone. i thought he was being dumb and hollering at his friends, but no. there was another guy in the parking lot. older. and he had his arms out like he was trying to be tough. then the car stops and another guy is coming out and takes his jacket off angrily and stuff. i dunno what happened after 'cause we left, haha. i wonder what did happen though...

Friday, January 22, 2010


right now, i feel like shooting myself in the head or duct taping my mother's mouth. actually, duct taping wouldn't work 'cause she'd be screaming as usual and she could still be heard. all i want is for her to shut the hell up for one god damn day. just one. can i please have one fucking day of peace?! hah, epik high pun.

i want this game, but in order to have this game, i have to have a nintendo ds. so now i'm saving. so far, i have 15$ since i traded in 10 Euro. bah. i still have my other 5 Euro since i wanted to have one just for keeping. it's all pretty and blue and... yeah. i'm thinking about selling my PS2 and some games i have for store credit to work towards the nintendo ds and the game.

i like camphone whoring in the car. oh, and i got an iced coffee with milk with whip from starbucks today. i haven't had one in a long time. yum. <3

Monday, January 18, 2010


actually, i lied. i'm probably going to start up number titles again (and trying to be more careful about it) since i cannot think of interesting titles to save my life.

i had a really weird dream a few hours ago. first of all, lately, i've been getting these "boys have a crush on you" or "boyfriend/girlfriend" dreams which kinda annoys me because i'm a single, anti-social person that doesn't get much of a social life no matter how hard i try, hah. anyways, that's a different story. back to the dream. and yeah, there was this guy that apparently liked me and we got together and the next day, we're taking "artsy" naked pictures together! hell, i don't even know. i have weird dreams, man. then apparently a teacher saw (i'm not in school anymore, btw) and she's all "i looked on your myspace and saw the date of your relationship and now you're doing this?! why?!". first of all, why you on my myspace? XD and, yeah, i just went and ignored her. then i got some official test from the school that nobody ever told me about and i refused to do it or something, i dunno, then i woke up. what. the. hell?

hm, i'm not sure what to talk about. life still sucks, as usual. still living with the abusive brat aka peanut butter (inside joke between me & a friend) aka stupid "mother". i still can't drive even with a permit 'cause my dad's not taking me driving and i don't trust that other jackass (aka peanut butter) in the house. all the "rich kids" are at college and stuff so they're away from home and they have something to do while i'm broke and i "self study" korean which gets poor and i don't really remember anything. people are out having a good time while i'm still here alone because i don't like asking people to come pick me up 'cause i know they're gonna say *INSERT CITY I'M IN HERE* IS TOO FAR! YOU COME HERE! the hell am i supposed to get there, dumbass?

yeah, i don't see myself living much longer. no, i'm not suicidal. what i'm saying is i just don't see myself living by the age of 20. i just can't imagine it, really. hm.