Thursday, February 4, 2010


more fights.
more fights.
more fights.
and i still can't get out of the house. \o/
hey, i love my life. /sarcasm. >>;;

but anyway. this part of north carolina got a lot of snow over the weekend. apparently, it's supposed to refreeze tonight and snow some more tomorrow. this is not what we need, oh my gosh. i don't like this, aha.

i've started watching that korean drama, you're beautiful, since i basically promised a friend that i would. it's shorter than most korean dramas, so yeah, aha. and... i actually quite like the drama. i've started it last night and i'm on episode nine now. well, the last part of episode 8 had an error, so now i'm waiting hours and hours to download one damn episode, ugh.

hm, i'm doing crappy with blogging on blogger again. but i dunno. i just can't think of anything interesting enough to write on here. :| livejournal is way easier since it's friend's only and majority of my friends are kpop fans, so it's easy to know what to talk about, haha.

oh, i got my DS last week. \o/

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