Friday, January 22, 2010


right now, i feel like shooting myself in the head or duct taping my mother's mouth. actually, duct taping wouldn't work 'cause she'd be screaming as usual and she could still be heard. all i want is for her to shut the hell up for one god damn day. just one. can i please have one fucking day of peace?! hah, epik high pun.

i want this game, but in order to have this game, i have to have a nintendo ds. so now i'm saving. so far, i have 15$ since i traded in 10 Euro. bah. i still have my other 5 Euro since i wanted to have one just for keeping. it's all pretty and blue and... yeah. i'm thinking about selling my PS2 and some games i have for store credit to work towards the nintendo ds and the game.

i like camphone whoring in the car. oh, and i got an iced coffee with milk with whip from starbucks today. i haven't had one in a long time. yum. <3


  1. Hello beautiful!! ^^~

    Yes they have a hole at the top & I think it has room for more than one charm!! I'm gonna get some charm with bells coz I wanna jingle all the way hehehe <3

    What colour dsi are u planning to get?


    My mum screams @ me alot! Drives me nuts but thanks to my mix-style headphones I don't hear nothing hehe.


  2. Wow, so many new pokemon. I can't even recognize them now ><

  3. ooo a ds?
    what color do you plan on getting?
    i like the white one but it gets dirty easily : /