Wednesday, January 6, 2010


my BEAST/B2ST hoodie. (: in better quality, haha. the pictures i took yesterday were all webcam. it says "gi kwang" on the back where my butt is, hah. i kinda wish i would've gotten yo seob instead, oh well.

cvs was having a 75% off sale and i got some things. the things i won't have pictured (because they sucked - - the pictures, NOT the product) are milani's "mocha swiss" lipstick and two rimmel london lipsticks in "frosted". yes, i got two. they were only 1.32$ each and when i picked up one, there was one left, so why not get another one dollar lipstick while i can?

physician's formula bronzer in, uh, "light skin". it cost 3.75$ while the original price is 14.99$. i've always wanted something from PF, but was not willing to pay so much, haha. i'm lame. nah, not really. i dunno.

PF pressed powder... translucent fair something something. it cost me the same amount as the bronzer and the original price was the same as well.

last but not least...

l'oreal true match... powder?! i don't know?! hahaha in... shell beige/beige C4 blah blah blah. hell, i dunno if it matches, but it only cost me 2.75$! even if it doesn't match, i'll still probably wear it. as weird as i may sound, i like playing with different shades of lighter foundation and tinted moisturizer and all that junk.

so yeah, my total was 15.27$. hahaha. i saved so much money, holy crap!

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  1. Ohhh that's a cute hoodie!!! I'm really into hoodie atm especially bright, bold coloured ones. I've seen many but don't look nice on me so I'm still in a hunt to find purple, yellow and blue/navy.

    Ahh make-up in the US is so cheap T___T if only I lived there, I would have more money to spend on other stuff too! >_<