Saturday, November 28, 2009


So last night was pretty damn awesome. My dad, Sarah, and I all went to the cinema to watch Ninja Assassin! It was nice seeing Rain and Joon act in a film, though 50% of the time I could not take them seriously. It's very bloody, but pretty damn spiffy. I'm so pissed they killed off Tokyo Drift guy so soon, hah. I love him.

I did some shopping and I'll post pictures once I see it. I got stuff from ELF, Sasa, and Missha US (or however it's spelled). Actually, I'll TRY to take picture of SaSa and Missha stuff before my mom tries to steal it to wrap it. c[: Those are counted as Christmas gifts. I also bought NYX concealer in a jar from somebody on eBay. I've spent a lot on concealers lately and none have worked for me, grr.

I'm a slob when it comes to eating Taco Bell, really. But it's kinda not my fault that the meat and stuff slips off the shell, okay?

Oh, after the movie, we went to the mall. We saw Tony (my dad's friend's son) and his friend at the mall. Ok, his friend... uh, very good looking, all right? If you look up Tony's character from the UK show Skins, that's basically his twin. Omfg. o_o So good looking, haha. We saw them at Taco Bell soon. Well, first the friend. Then I kept turning around to see when Tony showed up. It was really funny when I was screaming "Tony!" and he was looking around like "What the fuck..." and then saw us, hahaha.

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