Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Ok, so I've decided that I'm probably not going to do the online shop. The reason is because my mom would probably have to go to the post office quite often and it would annoy her. ==; Unless I shipped everything once a week, but I don't know if customers would be annoyed by something like that. I might have to think about it some more. But I also think I'm going to give a few of my old necklaces away to some pen pals and a friend of mine in Canada. (:

Hm, I'm watching Orphan right now. This is one crazy ass movie.

Oh! Good news! My dad and I got tickets to the Renaissance Festival on Sunday! I've been wanting to go for months. I wanted to go for my birthday in July, but they don't open here in the summer. Only during October and November. Also, on Sunday, we're going to my dad's friend's church for an All You Can Eat pancake breakfast. It'll be once in a few years since I've been to a church, hah.

Mm, I'm excited for the festival.
I wish it was freakin' Sunday already.


  1. sounds like you have an awesome weekend to look forward to =D
    I look forward to the weekend too b/c I'll finally be done midterms but that means I better get started now so I don't fail it!
    Oh, and for your online store, you can always make it for pickup only? Maybe some people in your area would be interested =)

  2. A lot of food? haha sounds like fun!
    What did you want to sell in your online shop? ^^ Cosmetics?

  3. hahah, i watched orphan when it was in the cinemas.
    it's so... weird.

    my friend was jumping like every 5mins, and he's a guy LOL

  4. OMG I watched Orphan too! Watched it in the cinema late at night. I think it was pretty good, made me jump a lot so worth the money hehe :D