Sunday, September 27, 2009


I was supposed to hang out with Alfie today, but he canceled on me, so instead, I went to Verizon & got myself a new one. I pretty much just spent all my savings (since I also had to buy a new iPod again), ugh, but I do like this phone. I got the Samsung Rogue (however you spell it) and I got it at a discount, even better.

The Jetta broke down yesterday on the way to Starbucks. It started overheating. We had to park somewhere and call a tow trunk. It took what seemed like forever for it to come. Then the tow truck guy drove us home. He creeped me out a little, heh.

The camera quality is better than that, I promise, hah. Blogger just smushed it.

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  1. Hi,
    I hope it'll stop begin so windy. Kinda scary watching the trees b/c it looks like they might not last long o.o
    So you got a new phone =)
    Everytime I get a new phone, I play with it til I get bored of it haha