Monday, November 23, 2009


dude! our walgreens finally opened up. i went in there and i was like omgomgomg <3. i got some chocolate that i can never find, a little figurine, some new flavour of arizona tea, and a jordana lip gloss in vanilla bean. the lip gloss smells soooo good, really.

i have to go to the gyno tomorrow, bleh. a check up since last year when i got on birth control. i might have to get a pap smear but i'm not sure, hah. i don't really want to go through with it, but i might as well get it over with. the gyno i have isn't so formal, so it shouldn't be too weird. she's just very... loud. but she's spunky. so it's cool. my mom's staying in the waiting room, ahaha.

but fucking hell, my mother pissed me off so badly today:

We went to the mall to get dinner for tonight. My parents wanted Japanese food and I wanted Subway. We go get the Japanese food first. I ordered for two. Mum gets the receipt and all of a sudden, she starts screaming so loud that everyone can hear her, "This is for two people! Two people! Needs to be three people!" until I told her that I did not want Japanese (and I did mention this beforehand). Then she "apologizes" and we wait for the food. My dad got his with double meat and right when the guy goes to put the extra meat, she screams again, "This is supposed to be double meat!" Omfg. When I asked the lady for a take-out bag, she could hardly look at me.

I'm soooo sick of her, ugh.
She blamed it on family problems that have happened this past month.
I say bullsht 'cause she's been exactly like this for 18 years (maybe more, but hey, I haven't been alive that long).

So fcking embarrassing.
I do not want to put up with her anymore.

This happens all the time, ugh.

i copied and pasted that straight from a forum i posted it on before this. i didn't want to type it over again.

alfie and i texted quite a bit throughout the day. he texted me again around 8 or so asking what i was doing. later on, i told him i was making a christmas list and he goes, "i'm on it, right?" and i said, "no, you're too expensive (this is about when he was in california during the summer and he was pretending to be a manwhore and i had to pay 105 a night if i wanted him). my list contains cheap things." and he goes, "no, your gift is one night with me." i was like, "uhh, what?" 'cause last time we were gonna hang out, he canceled on me the next morning. but i thought it was really cute, haha. so, apparently, we'll hang out on christmas. 85% of me doesn't believe him, but i'll go along with the planning anyway just in case.

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